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Bring Your Family to Creekview

January 9, 2018

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At Creekview Family Dentistry, we happily treat patients of all ages, including children. This means no running around town to separate pediatric and adult practices. (As if you don’t have enough running around between school, sports, lessons, and other activities!) We are skilled and completely comfortable with grown-ups and kids, making us a one-stop dental shop for busy families.

The American Dental Association recommends children see the dentist for the first time by the age of 1 or when their first tooth comes in. By bringing your kids to Creekview Family Dentistry early on, we will be able to develop a relationship of trust and comfort and maintain an ongoing record of the child’s dental development. He or she will never outgrow our practice — and neither will you.

Book a checkup for any or all members of your family at Creekview Family Dentistry. Call our Lewisville, TX office at 972-505-3423.

Services That Families Want


Every member of your family should see us every six months for a comprehensive dental checkup. Even if you take great care of your teeth at home (which we know you do), professional cleanings and exams are important to maintaining good oral health.  

  • One of our skilled hygienists will thoroughly clean your teeth. Some of the grooves in your enamel are so narrow and tight, they are totally out of your toothbrush’s reach. Using experience and our special tools, we will remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar from under the gumline and other hard-to-access spots.
  • Dr. Mathew, Dr. Samuel, or Dr. Al-Tamimi will give your mouth a visual examination to check for cavities and signs of gum disease. By finding problems before you even realize they are there, we can get an early start on treatment.
  • We may take X-rays of your mouth. These enable us to see hidden issues, such as cavities between the teeth, abscesses, cysts and tumors, and impacted wisdom teeth.
  • We employ the state-of-the-art ViziLite system to check for signs of oral cancer.


Sealants are a service usually recommended for children, but that can be used with adults as well. In this proven cavity-fighting procedure, we paint a plastic-like material over the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria produce acids that eat into the tooth enamel. The sealant creates a barrier that these acids can’t cross. The process is simple and painless, with minimal prep required. Sealants have been shown to reduce the likelihood of cavities significantly in children, and their effects may last years.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride, along with other minerals like calcium and phosphorus, keep your teeth strong. They are continuously shed in a process called “demineralization,” and must be replenished in a process called “remineralization.” Fluoride makes your enamel better able to resist bacterial acid attacks. It even reverses early-stage decay. At Creekview Family Dentistry, we offer fluoride treatments to ensure your family is getting enough of this vital mineral.

Teething and Thumb Sucking

For parents of our very youngest patients, we are happy to offer advice on reducing teething pain and on how to stop a thumb-sucking habit (which can cause an open bite and other problems).

Athletic Mouthguards

If you or your child participates in contact sports or other vigorous activities, a mouthguard can protect the mouth from injury. At Creekview Family Dentistry, we will craft a custom mouthguard that is more comfortable and better fitting than the drugstore variety.


Whether you’re an adult whose always wanted to straighten your smile, or you have a teenager who’s ready for braces, we have the orthodontic solution that will give you the results you want.

  • Traditional braces remain a popular option, especially for teenagers. They will correct even the most severe alignment, bite, and spacing issues. Today’s metal braces are smaller, more comfortable, and better looking than what you may remember from high school.
  • Six Month Smiles, true to its name, will correct cosmetic orthodontic problems in just about six months. It uses brackets and wires that are practically invisible on the teeth. Unlike traditional braces, they require no uncomfortable tightening.
  • Invisalign uses a totally different sort of system for straightening teeth. No brackets. No wires. Just a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that you wear for 22 hours per day. You switch them out every couple of weeks as they gradually shift your teeth into the desired position. The aligners are comfortable to wear, removable for eating and cleaning, and they are so discreet on your teeth most people will not notice them.

If you live in or around Lewisville, TX, entrust Creekview Family Dentistry for all of your family’s dental needs. Call 972-505-3423 or request an appointment through our online form.

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